My name is Benn Steadman – I’m a 52 year old Accountant and businessman, and until three years ago my life was fairly ordinary. As an accountant I looked after my money reasonably well, did budgets for my expenses and even managed an overseas holiday once in a while!

In September 2012 I was retrenched, and after looking hard for a job with absolutely no success I decided to sink my life savings into a franchise. I thought I would be my own boss, work my own hours and actually make some decent money!

I started in December 2012, and within a year I knew I was in serious financial trouble. Sales simply weren’t at the level the franchisor said they would be and costs were so fixed that when sales fell my small profit turned into a huge loss.

To make matters worse, because the business wasn’t making money it’s resale value had fallen and I was trapped working 60 hours a week with debts mounting, credit cards maxing out, and serious stress.

In three years I have blown my life savings, incurred $15 000 worth of credit card debt, and borrowed $35 000 just to pay the mortgage and school fees and put food on the table.
So – why am I telling you all this? A while back I realised just how easily one can get into debt, and if I could end up in a real mess, I could only imagine how easy it would be for someone without accounting smarts to get into financial trouble.

It was then that I realised I could help people who had problems just like mine – I studied hard and became a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator. I trained under a lady who had been helping people for many years and who showed me that a little empathy, sympathy and a good plan can go a long way to making financial difficulties go away.
I’m looking forward to helping you!